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Music and Cooking on Tap this Saturday at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market

What a special week coming up at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market! This Saturday, August 21, will feature a cooking demonstration with Ron Glatzhofer of Saltamontes Salsa and musical entertainment by the Buffalo Chamber Players, comprised of members of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra as well as other talented Buffalo musicians.

Also this Saturday, wine-tasting courtesy of Schultze Vineyards & Winery; a visit from the Center for Resolution & Justice, Child & Family Services; and much more!

Won’t you join us? For additional information, please visit www.elmwoodmarket.org.

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Ways 2 Save: Erie County Fair

HAMBURG, N.Y. - The Erie County Fair opens Wednesday afternoon and it is Channel 2 Day. That means, $2 for parking, $2 for tickets and $2 for midway rides.

In some cases you can save up to three bucks beforehand, by buying pre-sale tickets at Tops.

Getting to the fair can actually be pretty inexpensive. On certain days there's a free shuttle.

"On Saturdays and Sundays you can park at Erie Community College South on Southwestern Boulevard and they'll drive you, drop you off right at gate one," said Holly Smyczynski, Marketing Coordinator at the Erie County Fair.

And with that we started our journey to savings.

We first found some ride deals.

"Every weekday, Wednesday through Friday and next Monday through Friday we have one price ride days," said Smyczynski.

A ride pass for those days is only $20 with a Tops register receipt, a $5 savings.

Master Plan For Richardson Olmsted Complex Taking Shape

BUFFALO, NY - The master plan to advance the Richardson Olmsted complex is underway. The public got a chance to hear what's in store for the campus, and things are changing.

Within the next 12 months landscaping, asbestos abatement, and a developer will be chosen, but most importantly the Richardson Center Corp needs to finalize the purchase of the site from the state.

Eva Hassett with the Richardson Corporation says once the sale is complete the real work can begin. Plans for a hotel, architecture center, visitor's center, and conference center are all part of the master plan.

Liberty Cab Driver Returns $4,000 Left in Backseat

BUFFALO, NY-- If it's true what they say about what goes around, comes around, then Liberty Cab driver Jim Hari has something good coming his way.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hari picked up Kevin Schojan from the Adam's Mark hotel. Schojan was on the way to the bank to make a deposit.

But before stopping at the bank, Schojan had the Hari drop him off in the Elmwood Villiage. It wasn't long after being dropped off that he noticed he was missing something.

Schojan realized he left his bank envelope filled with $4,000 cash in the backseat of Hari's vehicle. At that moment of panic, he determined he didn't even know the name of the cab company.

Trying to remember any detail about his cab ride, he soon remembered the collection of tiny taxi figurines that were on display on the dashboard in the cab. Schojan frantically started making phone calls.

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Tell Us Your Ideas For The Waterfront

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Two of the region's most influential elected leaders believe Buffalo's waterfront does not need a major retail anchor store.

Both U.S. Representative Brian Higgins (D-South Buffalo) and County Executive Chris Collins (R) suggest Western New Yorkers should consider different types of attractions.

Higgins, who insists the water is an anchor, wants no anchor store.

"Niagara on the Lake is a great destination," Higgins said. "There' s no anchor there. It's an idyllic place that has cool street scapes, small shops, a lot of beautiful homes along the water."

Collins differed slightly in his view of an anchor destination.

"I do think we need an anchor, but not necessarily a retail anchor," Collins said. "An anchor could be a museum. It could be an aquarium... but it has to be focused as a draw, bringing people into Buffalo and Erie County that aren't residents here."

The public has been exploding with ideas.

Update on Richardson Complex

BUFFALO, NY-A public meeting is set for Thursday, August 12th at 6 PM to provide an update on the status of the Richardson Complex.

Topics to be discussed include building stabilization, landscape improvements, site security and the planned Buffalo Architecture Center.

The meeting will be held at Rockwell Hall on the Buffalo State College Campus on Elmwood Avenue.

Buffalo Scupltures And Statues Being Cleansed Repaired And Restored

Buffalo, NY - You may have passed by but not not paid much mind to the various and sundry statues across the Queen City.

But more people are starting to take note of them due to a massive renovation project underway currently underway.

A Missouri based firm was hired by the City of Buffalo to inspect, clean, repair, and preserve with a wax coat, a total of 19 statues throughout the city this summer at a cost of $270,000.

"This is our history," said Don Siuta, Chair of the Conservation Committee of the Buffalo Arts Commission.

"This is where Buffalo came from and I think by preserving out history people have a better understanding of our city and why it's important. It also brings people to Buffalo," Siuta said.

It might surprise you to know how much art the city owns.

Almost 700 pieces including 200 statues scattered throughout the city.