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Create Pet-safe Spaces, Inside and Out | Families

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Create Pet-safe Spaces, Inside and Out
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Create Pet-safe Spaces, Inside and Out


(Welcome to our pet column, courtesy of Pet Connection Programs Inc. of Marilla. We post a new article each week, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!)

Responsible pet ownership means making smart choices for your cat or dog. Whether looking to update your garden or renovate your home, making environmentally conscious decisions helps to reduce a pet's paw print and enriches the lives of our furry friends and the people who love them. Purina has partnered with Evergreen, an organization committed to building sustainable green cities, to offer a few easy updates that will help pet owners do their part for the environment.

Reduce the impact of your canine or feline:

Nice and natural: From collars to leashes, look for pet accessories made from recycled or natural materials. Responsible pet ownership also includes cleaning up after your dog on a walk. Choose biodegradable bags to keep the process clean.

Shoes for your schnauzer: When outfitting your pup choose reusable, waterproof dog boots that come in a rainbow of colours and are 100 percent biodegradable.

Sleep easy: Make sure your pet has an eco-friendly bed. Regular foam beds can contain fire retardants and other petroleum-based chemicals.

Keep it clean: Since cats groom themselves by licking, be sure to vacuum frequently to help protect them from toxic chemicals found in house dust.

Create the ultimate outdoor pet haven:

Edible kitty snacks: For outdoor cats, consider planting an edible garden and let her graze on a salad bar of catnip, cat mint, cat thyme, wheat grass and oat grass.

Safe indoor and outdoor plants for puppies: If you have a playful pooch, it's best to stay away from any plants with thorns such as roses or raspberry bushes to prevent a spikey surprise. For pups that are chewers, avoid or place at a good height common indoor plants such as ivy, aloe vera and pothos to name a few.

Mulch responsibly: Adding mulch to your soil helps to retain moisture, reduce erosion and suppress weed growth. If you have a dog, choose your mulch wisely and stay away from the popular, but poisonous, cocoa bean mulch. Instead, look for medium-sized alternatives that have not been processed or dyed.

More information is available online on how to put your best paw forward for the environment at www.pawsfortheplanet.ca.

— News Canada 

(For more information on pets and animal adoption, please visit www.petconnectionprogramsinc.com. Or, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PetConnectionProgramsinc. Located in Marilla, N.Y., Pet Connection Programs Inc. is a nonprofit maternity and special care shelter founded in 1984.)



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