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Mother Nature Often Produces Unexpected Bedfellows | News

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Mother Nature Often Produces Unexpected Bedfellows

BUFFALO, NY - " You've got two different species here that make wonderful, wonderful parents."

That, in a nutshell, may go the furthest to describe the relationship between a female Canada Goose and a young male Whitetail Deer that has captured the hearts and imaginations of many people. The odd couple were first spotted in Forest Lawn Cemetary a couple of weeks ago. Although it seems like an unusual relationship, closer inspection into the subject shows us that it not quite as rare as it seems.

Nature abounds with many examples, and a quick internet search will turn up such wonders as a depressed tiger mother nursing piglets or a century old tortoise befriending a baby hippopotamus.

An accurate explanation of this occurrence is tough to come by, but it's something that actually happens quite frequently. Loretta Jones, Founder of Hawk Creek Wildlife Center In East Aurora, says " Inter-species communication or relationships are not rare at all,actually it's pretty common,and it's pretty common with our rehab patients, actually. And as far as a deer having inter-relations, you'll have dogs and other animals interact with them."

Part of the misperception surrounding links like this may arise from the manner in which we as a culture have been taught to look at the animal kingdom. Animals are thought to be beings of instinct, incapable of thought and emotion.But ties like this can be a teaching moment, a chance to look deeper into the rich inner lives of our brethren in the natural world. Marianne Hites, Wildlife Rehabilitator and Director Of Events at Messinger Woods in Holland NY, tells us" We don't know what animals are thinking,but obviously emotion has fallen into what's happening out there. We know that wildlife gets along out there,I wish humans would do the same."

Jones adds "They are making choices, they are deciding where to hunt, where to live,how to raise their family. They have to make choices. If they couldn't make choices,meaning they make choices, they have to think, they wouldn't survive.So, they're very good at it, they're very complete."

Unable to step into the mind of an animal, even those experienced with them can only speculate on the true reason for this bond between mammal and bird....

" In the case of the deer, he's not going into rut until October or November" says Jones "so he has nothing to do but to eat and practice his skills of growing up, so he's kind of lonely."" These interactions happen with animals that are from large groups. He's curious, he's learning, and he's lonely."

But make no mistake. These are not characters from a Disney movie, and the fact that the deer was seen recently taking a defensive stance toward a perceived intruder should remind us to keep a safe distance from these two fast friends. Hites agrees " It's not Disney, and I don't want people to think Winnie the Pooh is going to come around the corner or anything like that. These are real life animals. This is nature, this is nature at it's best. I'm afraid if they teach it out of Disney, people are going to start approaching these animals, and approaching these animals, they're going to get hurt.I'd just assume we live it at that. Leave the natural animals alone."

It's pretty easy to keep that distance, and still watch these two for as long as you want. Click here to view a live webcam of the deer and goose.

























































































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