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Local Company Launches New Camera Platform
Local Company Launches New Camera Platform

Buffalo based company Jaggir® LLC today unveiled Camera Clipper - a device that enables everyday photographers to capture memories by easily clipping their iPhone, smartphone or digital camera to just about anything.

Specifically, Camera Clipper has a universal mount, a flexible arm, and a strong and durable clip that attaches to practically every surface—doors, windows, tables, shelves and railings to a tree branch in a park. Digital Cameras and Cameras Phones are easily connected to Camera Clipper which can then be clipped and set for pictures of all kinds. The directions are simple: Clip-Point-Shoot. Most importantly, it is easy to use for everyone.

“With Camera Clipper everybody can get in the picture. Camera Clipper holds your camera for you, so you can break free from “the one-arm-shot” and using mirrors to get more than your face in the picture. Asking strangers to take your picture is a thing of the past.” -Gerard Gooch, Inventor

Camera Clipper can be used with all compact cameras that have a universal tripod mount. Camera Clipper also supports nearly all smartphones, with and without a case, including iPhone 5 and 4, Android smartphones and smart cameras like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Droid Razr, and Windows Phones like the Nokia Lumina.

The Camera Clipper is truly revolutionary. It empowers everyday photographers to “make the world their photo booth”—to take control of their digital camera, smartphone, or video recorder, and capture memories like never before.

And it is truly a regional effort. The Camera Clipper uses Made-in-the USA materials and is manufactured and hand-assembled in the USA. Jaggir made an effort to use Buffalo-Niagara region based vendors to create a product that leverages local talent and small businesses.

The story behind Camera Clipper

Inventor Gerard Gooch created a prototype of the Camera Clipper several years ago out of necessity (yes, it really is the mother of invention). His Grandmother was approaching 100, and pictures and videos were more important than ever. More than anything, Gerard wanted to capture her memories—and her life story, so he searched for devices to help him. He purchased many gadgets—from large and small tripods to purportedly flexible ones—but they all lacked something, took too much time to set up, were bulky or too limited in their use. Having run out of alternatives, Gerard fashioned a makeshift apparatus that he could use to attach to the top of a chair to record his conversations with his Grandmother. No longer did he have to awkwardly hold his video camera. This was the first, albeit primitive, iteration of Camera Clipper. In short, a man’s desire to capture his Grandmother’s memories propelled the invention of Camera Clipper. After a few years of refinement and testing, the Camera Clipper is now ready for public use…

Recent News Connections

Last month, The Today show focused on this very issue. Mother Allison Tate realized that she had hundreds of pictures of her children…all of them without her. While we have starring roles in our kids’ lives, far too often, the photographic evidence is missing. Flipping through the photo albums of many families, a stranger might think that mom was a mere guest star, not the lead that she really is. “I'm everywhere in their young lives, and yet I have very few pictures of me with them. Someday I won't be here -- and I don't know if that someday is tomorrow or thirty or forty or fifty years from now -- but I want them to have pictures of me. I want them to see the way I looked at them; see how much I loved them.” Tate wrote. Camera Clipper solves her problem! Availability Camera Clipper for Compact Cameras and Smartphones are available for purchase now on the company’s store. Camera Clipper will be available through partner’s retail and online stores in 2013. Camera Clipper website: http://CameraClipper.com

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