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Happy New Year! 100 Years Ago - January 1st MCMXI

Happy New Year! 100 Years Ago - January 1st MCMXI

  Tottering Painfully up the street with one foot dragging heavily after the other as if each step was his last, an old grey haired man made his way up Main Street a few moments before midnight. His shoulders were bent beneath the cares an wary that were reflected upon his pallid, wrinkled face.  His emaciated form shook and swayed and collapsed in a heap. A sympathetic crowd gathered around the old man and a cop pushed his way through the crowd to administer his wants. The lights were dimmed and a transformation took place. There where the old man had lain was a bright little cherub, smiling optimistic. It was the departure of the old Father Time of 1910 as the chimes rang, whistles blew and horns tooted. His cycle was completed and in his place came the new baby, MCMXI. His arrival was the signal for an outburst of noise. The Waterfront shrieked with sirens. Factory watchmen opened the whistles and they bellowed for the grand tidings of a new year.

Pet Connection Needs Your Immediate Support!

This puppy and countless others like him have been saved thanks to the work done every day at Pet Connection Programs Inc., a nonprofit maternity and urgent care animal shelter in Marilla. Every year, hundreds of dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and other animals are nursed to health and adopted to a loving home thanks to this shelter.

How can you help? Please show your holiday spirit by purchasing tickets to the shelter’s Holiday Dinner Dance & Auction from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, December 4 at the Hearthstone Manor in Depew. In addition to plenty of food and a huge auction featuring more than 100 prizes, guests will be entertained by Jack Civiletto & The Pyramid Band. One lucky guest will also win a door prize featuring four one-day Disney hopper passes valued at $544!